Civil Law may be the most common field of law in our lives because it rules the relations among private individuals, but it is also a source of conflicts that may need the intervention of professionals that can advise you in order to defend your rights. Lex Integral covers all kinds of consultancy in the fields of private law. We have extensive experience in actions for payment in any kind of relationship among private individuals or individuals and companies and everything related to Tort and Public Liability, including preventive aspects and possible compensations.

We provide the following services, among others:

  • Legal proceedings: lawsuits in the civil field and arbitral proceedings.
  • Civil liability and tort law including preventive aspects and possible compensations. This also covers lawsuits against third parties and insurance companies.
  • Actions for payment.
  • Evictions, end of contracts, unapproved occupancies and rent claims.
  • Squatter eviction.
  • Challenge to enforceable agreements of property owner’s community.
  • Lawsuits for the breach of works or service contracts.

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