Labor Law is constantly present in our society. Every day, workers and employers have to deal with situations that require professional advice and intervention of professionals specialized in Labor Law.

Before entering into an employment contract, it is very important from the point of view of the employer and also the worker that they be well-informed about their rights and obligations related to their salaries, social insurances, holidays and breaks, and the standard health and safety responsibilities, among other aspects.

Many conflicts may arise in the relationship between the employer and the employee. In these cases, it is necessary to hire a lawyer or a Human Resources specialist in order to get an out-of-court solution, or if not possible, before the court to obtain optimal benefits (in the case of the employee) or the least expense (in the case of the employer).

Our labor department offers consultancy and a comprehensive assistance service to comply with all of your obligations in the labor and Social Security fields, offering support to companies and freelancers with payments, contributions to Social Security, hiring of personnel, and assistance in the defense before the Labor and Social Security Inspection (Inspección de Trabajo y Seguridad Social), in the Arbitration and Mediation Court (Tribunal de Arbitraje y Mediación) and labor proceedings before the Social Court (Juzgado de lo Social).

Similarly, we offer consultancy to private individuals in personnel hiring, dismissals and terminations, to domestic employees, as well as processing all kinds of Social Security benefits (retirement, widowhood, disabilities…)

Lex Integral’s objective is to cover every necessity that our clients have in the field of labor law.


  • Comprehensive assistance for companies and self-employed workers for labor services and services related to Social Security.
  • Legal advice to employees and companies (agreements, holidays, labor and salary costs, etc.).
  • Registration under the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers.
  • Monthly payroll drafting.
  • Drafting and filing of Social Security contributions.
  • Employee’s registration in the Social Security (sist. RED) and formalization and registration of the employment contract.
  • End of contract notifications, liquidations (settlements) and companies’ certificates for the purpose of benefits and deregistration of employees from Social Security.
  • Settlement agreement extensions and novation (increase/ decrease of workday, modifications in occupational status, etc.).
  • Drafting and processing of mod. 111 and mod. 190 of income and withholdings of employees and professionals.
  • Response to online requests from Social Security.
  • Appeals against Social Security resolutions.
  • Consultancy on Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Actions before Labor Inspection in matters of Workplace Accidents, Social Security Contributions, etc.
  • Processing and follow-up of temporary disabilities and work accidents.


  • Analysis, drafting, and processing of retirement, widowhood, orphanage, and permanent disability files.
  • Processing and follow-up for temporary disabilities and work accidents.
  • Domestic employees.
  • Assistance in Settlement Acts.
  • Indemnities calculation.
  • Claims of quantity (salary differences, non-payment of salaries).
  • Work harassment.
  • Claims to Social Security.
  • Compensation for accidents at work.

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