At LEX INTEGRAL Lawyers and Economists, we have a high degree of specialization and vast professional experience in defending the interests of individuals and legal entities. We have obtained very important legal achievements for our clients, making them feel secure and taken care of by our team of lawyers. We have a collaborative team (economists, experts, graphologists, etc.) who we work with to achieve the best defense for our clients.

Equally as important, we defend our clients in court when they need the help of professionals that may do the proper defense of their interests.

Our relationship with the client is based fundamentally and essentially on trust, closeness and honesty. We always carry out a legal evaluation before starting proceedings.

We will defend you in the following offences:

  • Against property or individuals.
  • Criminal offences in company and corporate law.
  • In regard to health and safety at work.
  • Offences against land use planning.
  • Against property and socioeconomic order.
  • Against public administration and administration of justice (perversion of justice, bribery and corruption).
  • Against the environment.
  • Crimes against honor (libel and slander).
  • Against industrial property and intellectual property ownership.
  • Against the market and consumers.

In the criminal field we also specialize in all offences classified as violence against women, and we coordinate with family procedures tied to such cases.

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