Lex Integral gives legal advice in the field of Family Law. We are specialized in all kinds of marriage conflicts including those that are taken to the Gender Violence Court (Juzgado de Violencia Sobre la Mujer) carried out in coordination with the criminal department. We will advise you regarding all consequences and implications that a separation or divorce may have, from the most private aspects to those related to common assets, business relations, and financial matters.

Our team will advise you in a confidential and personalized manner and will help you to perform the separation or divorce in the least traumatic way for your family and in the most convenient way possible for your interests. We will give you the proper support and the immediate answers to your enquiries that you need in these circumstances.

Lex Integral covers the following services in Family Law:

  • Separation and divorce procedures and amendment of measures by mutual agreement and by litigation with request for alimony or spousal support, shared custody and guardianship, end of joint ownership of conjugal property, etc.
  • Separation and divorce procedures that are brought before the Gender Violence Court (Juzgado de Violencia Sobre la Mujer)
  • Disolution of domestic partnerships.
  • Custody and guardianship of minors and alimonies (when the child is registered as born out of wedlock).
  • Judicial permission to sell belongings of minors.
  • Ability and disability procedures, guardianship or conservatorship. End or change of guardian.
  • Adoption, filiation and minors procedures.

In the inheritance field we offer full advice from the legal and tax perspectives and we will guide you through the entire process.

  • Execution of deeds.
  • Inheritance and testament processes. Acceptance and distribution of the aforementioned.
  • Ab intestato inheritance processes (when there is no testament) sometimes requiring a judicial decision determining who the heirs are.
  • Legal proceedings in claims of statutory entitlements or supplements.
  • Tax payments and drafts of deeds to accept the inheritance

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