Purchasing a house, another property, or even a company is an important decision and it should take place with the utmost of legal guarantees. LEX INTEGRAL will advise you on all the legal and tax implications of every property deal in purchasing houses, plots, un-levelled terrains, offices, industrial units, companies, etc. We provide advice to both private individuals and companies, whether buyers or sellers.

We are specialized in the preliminary analysis of the legal and land-planning situations and in any negotiations that may arise.

Our services include:

  • Advice, planning and negotiation in the process (purchase option, sale and purchase, exchange, constructions, leasing)
  • Negotiation and drafts of specific contracts for each process.
  • Reports and opinions prior to purchase.
  • Tax consultancy about the implications of the process.
  • Land planning consultancy in case of plots that require land planning development before construction.
  • Consultancy in construction and activities permits.
  • Deeds, licenses, changes of licenses ownerships, etc.

We will also assist you in all possible consequences of these kinds of processes such as breach of the purchase option or sale and purchase, the existence of hidden defects, defects on construction, or violations of the customer’s rights.

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