Every day, government bodies make decisions that affect our lives and our companies. Bureaucracy within government bodies is complicated and requires both wide and specific knowledge and effective solutions.

At Lex Integral we handle all the paperwork between government bodies and citizens or companies.

  • Infringement proceedings of any type (transports, fishing, customer service, traffic, environment, labor infringement, security and hygiene at work, etc.)
  • Land planning disciplinary action records for construction or other activities.
  • Complaints and reports before government bodies (about noise, constructions, activities without a license, customer service, etc.)
  • Expropriation
  • Advice and file of documents for construction and other activities: license and city building.
  • Urban feasibility report filing
  • Administrative, property or contractual liability
  • Administrative proceedings in any field.
  • Advice on land planning situations and the legal situation of the property that you are about to buy or sell.
  • Advice to municipal corporations and public institutions, reports filing and administrative proceedings defense.

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